Does Reportible offer a Google Sheets Migration?

Reportible does not offer a Google Sheets Migration. We provide connections to Looker Studio only.

Is Looker Studio free to use?

Yes, Looker Studio is a free software that’s available to anyone with a gmail or Google workspace account. Google allows users to connect to their own platforms, at no cost. Connecting to Google Ads, Google Analytics, GA4 and Google Search Console can be done so, at no cost.

Is it possible to blend data with Looker Studio?

Yes, blending data from multiple data sources can only be done when a joint key is used. The most commonly used joint key is date.  When a common joint key is used, Looker Studio will automatically blend them into one.

What is the difference between a Metric, and a Dimension in Looker Studio?

Typically, people use campaign name, date, city, landing page etc, as the dimension.

Dimensions are most commonly used as non-numerical values.

Metrics provide you with a numeric value to that dimension. A metric could be # of impressions, or conversions, or total cost.

Combining both dimensions and metrics will provide you with meaningful data that can be visualized in different forms.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we offer all new accounts with a 14 day free trial period. A visa is required to begin your free trial.

What is Reportible?

We are reporting solution, that allows marketers to bring data from various sources, into Looker Studio. Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Mailchimp, Twitter etc.
Want to see all of your data in one place? Reportible is for you. 

Add a Payment Method

A payment method is required to signup for the Free 30 Day trial. The payment method will only be charged once the 30 day trial period has finished.

We accept credit card payments only. No other form of payment is accepted.

Connect to a Data Source

The first step in creating a report with Looker Studio is connecting to your data source.

There are three ways of doing this:

1) Creating a New Report, and connecting to your Data Source.
2) Duplicate one of our free Data Studio templates, and connect it to your data source.
3) Setting up a free trial.

Creating a New Report, and connecting to your Data Source.
If you already have a basic knowledge of Looker Studio, and would like to create a brand new report, you may want to start with this option.
Go to: and login to your Google account.
Then, create a blank report.


Once you select a Blank report, you will be taken to the Looker Studio connector gallery.

Type “Reportible” in the search bar, and you will find our list of available connectors.

Choose your connector.

In the example, we have connected to our Facebook Ads + Instagram Ads data studio connector. As an added bonus, we have combined both Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads connectors into the one connector.  All connectors work in a similar manner.


From the Dropdown list, select the Facebook Ad account you would like to connect to Looker Studio.

You will require Admin or Editor permissions on an Ad Account, in order to connect to your Looker Studio Account. If you do not see the ad account in your list, this means that you are not an admin or editor, or that particular ad account may be held inside a different Facebook Business Manager.


Duplicating one of our free templates, and connecting to your data source.

Reportible provides over 50 free templates for you to use. Duplicating these templates and connecting to your data, is the quickest and easiest option to getting started.

First, go to our Looker Studio template Gallery. Choose from our library of over 50 free templates. Screenshots, metrics, and a brief description is provided for all templates.  We provide “Edit” access to all templates, which allows you to duplicate and connect to your data source.


You will be directed to the Looker Studio template.

Click the 3 dots in the top right corner, and select ”Make a copy

Once you select “Make A Copy”, you will be prompted to connect to your own data sources.

Before copying the report, you will need to connect to your own data sources.

Choose the New Data Source from the list.
If you have never connected to your data source before, you will need to “Create a data source”.

Choose Reportible from the list of available connectors, and select your data source.

Click > Copy Report

Setting up a Free Trial with Reportible.

All new users receive a free 30 day free trial. To get started with your free trial.

What Do I Need Before Signing Up?

You will require two things to get started with Reportible. This article walks you through the process of setting up a Reportible account. No credit card is required for the free trial period.

1) A Gmail or Google Workspace account.
In order to connect to Looker Studio, you will need to be logged into the correct Google account before getting started with the free trial.

2) Credentials to authenticate your account(s).

You will require the login credentials (username and passwords), for the source accounts you wish to connect to.