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Google Search Console Template

About this report template

Google search console is one of the most under-utilized platforms on the web. Google Search Console is an amazing tool for providing information on which keywords are driving users to your website, where do these terms rank, and how these are improving. We have put together a free data studio template to allow for easier visualization of your Google Search Console data.

Metrics Available in Report:
Organic Traffic Summary

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • Site CTR
  • Avg. Position
  • Search Query
  • Device

This report also factors in the importance of branded vs unbranded keywords. Clients should understand the difference, and where volume is coming from. 
A filter will need to be created for both tables. The branded filter will need to contain your branded term, while the unbranded table will need to use a filter that excludes the branded keywords.

(screenshot of creating the branded keyword exclusion)

Template Overview:

Ever wonder how people are finding your website organically? 3rd party SEO softwares are not as accurate as your own Google Search Console data. This template will allow you to see which keywords are driving people to your site, how do you rank on those keywords, your CTR, as well as how these metrics are changing.

Who can use this Connector:

This report should be used mainly for SEO analysis. In order to duplicate and copy this dashboard, a google account is required to use Looker Studio connectors

Template Screenshots