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Facebook Ads VS Instagram Ads

About this report template

Analyze how your Facebook ads are delivering, compared to those of Instagram ads. This Instagram and Facebook dashboard has been segmented by:

  • Impressions
  • Reach
  • Ad Frequency
  • CPM
  • Website Adds to Cart
  • Website Visits
  • Purchases
  • Amount Spent

If you wish to add more metrics for Instagram only, you will need to create a ‘Instagram platform’ filter.

Facebook Ads VS Instagram Ads - report1
(screenshot of creating the branded keyword exclusion)

Template Overview:

  • View how Facebook and Instagram ads are delivering impressions, reach, cpm, total cost and more.
  • View Impressions, Reach, Frequency, CPM and other custom events on the campaign level.
  • View Metrics at the Ad Set level.
  • Geographic Details – Pie Chart
  • Geographic Details – Table
  • View which creatives have resulted in outbound clicks, purchases and much more. Please note, the metric to view images is called: Ad Creative Image
  • Placement delivery across both Facebook and Instagram platforms
  • Delivery by Device, Gender, Age and more.

Required Connector for Template:

  • Facebook Ads + Instagram Ads Data Studio Connector (30 Day Free Trial)

Who can use this Connector:

  • Anyone wishing to create automated data visualizations using Facebook Ads and Instagram ads can use this connector. A Google account is required to use Looker Studio connectors.

Template Screenshots