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Is it possible to Filter data using Looker Studio?

Yes, data filtering is easily done using the built-in filter feature. Here is an example of how you would filter to show Google Organic traffic, in a Google Analytics report.

Is it possible to Filter data using Looker Studio

How do I pull Facebook Ads data into Looker Studio?

The reportible Facebook Ads + Instagram ads connector makes this possible.

Go to the community connector library in Looker Studio and perform a search for reportible. Select the Facebook Ads connector from the list of Reportible connectors.

Is Reportible an ETL reporting tool?

Yes. ETL stands for Extract, Transform and Load.
Reportible and Looker Studio combine to an ETL reporting platform.
Reportible Extracts data in both structured and unstructured formats.
Looker Studio Transforms this data, and Loads it in visually appealing formats to be used for data and business intelligence. 

Can I schedule Looker Studio reports to be emailed?

Yes, Data Studio reports can be scheduled and sent in PDF format on predetermined dates.

Looker Studio also offers the ability to select specific pages within a report. This is a commonly used feature when certain departments only require access to certain pages.